How You Catch Chlamydia & Different Ways To Treat It

Chlamydia is a common STI (sexually transmitted infection) that people commonly get when practising unsafe sex, but you do not need full intercourse to catch it. There are symptoms which can show when you have caught Chlamydia, but many people do not show any signs, so they do not know they have it. If left untreated, it can cause infertility and other serious medical conditions. You may wish to have yourself tested if you recently had unprotected sex with a new partner. It is a condition that is treatable with a 95% success rate, and there are various medications options available Below are some of the medicines your doctor may prescribe, how you catch Chlamydia, and the symptoms to out for that may mean you have it.

The Ways You Can Catch Chlamydia

You run the risk of catching Chlamydia when you have vaginal, anal, or oral sex with someone unprotected. However, you can also contract it in other ways, and if your genitals come into contact with another’s, you can catch it this way. You can also acquire it when coming into contact with the genital fluids of someone infected and using a sex toy that has not been cleaned and used by an infected person.

Treating Chlamydia

The STI Chlamydia is a bacterial infection caused by the bacteria Chlamydia Trachomatis, and there are various antibiotics for Chlamydia you can use. Some of the medications your doctor or sexual health clinic may prescribe can include:


The most effective treatment for Chlamydia and the most commonly prescribed to treat the condition is Doxycycline. You must take one 100mg capsule twice a day for seven days, which is usually enough to kill the bacteria, but sometimes you may need an extended course of treatment. However, not everyone can take this antibiotic, so alternative medications are available.


Azithromycin is another antibiotic commonly prescribed to treat Chlamydia but is not as effective as Doxycycline. On the first day of your course of treatment, you will take two 500mg tablets, and for the next two days, you will take one tablet. If the treatment is unsuccessful, you will need to extend it.

Warning Signs You May Have Chlamydia

There are various warning signs that you may have caught the Chlamydia bacterial infection, but not everyone shows these, so you will always want to test yourself after unprotected sex. The common symptoms of this STI can include:

  • Pain while urinating
  • Pain while having sex
  • A discharge from the vagina or penis, sometimes white or yellow and often with a strong odour
  • Pain and discharge from the anus
  • Sore and swollen testicles
  • Bleeding between periods and after having sex
  • A sore throat
  • A pain in the lower stomach

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you will want to visit your doctor or sexual health clinic as quickly as possible. Once diagnosed correctly, you will be prescribed medication to cure the condition and help you get your life back to normal. You will want to employ safe sex practices, and you can find more information on the subject by clicking here.

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